Saturday, November 15, 2008

Trobador Braseria Mediterránea, Paseo de Recoletos 14

Pathetic attempt of recreating a tried and tested northern European concept. Very limited offer of snacks during the day. I counted 10 staff of whom 4 were "busy" in the (open) kitchen. I ordered a toasted sobrasada and cheese sandwich which came with either a glass of wine, a beer or a coffee for only €2,80. Bargain! And super easy to prepare one would think. Let me remind you that I am writing this blog to share my experiences in the restaurants of Madrid, good or bad. So, my toasted sandwich and glass of wine arrived after about 10 minutes and when I took a first bite I noticed there was no cheese on it. I called back the waiter, who appologised and took back my sandwich. A bit later I heard one of the cooks in the open kitchen reprimanding one of his younger colleagues for not putting cheese on the sandwich, all this for €2,80 Great! I waited another 15 minutes this time while I was watching the staff milling around the place and only one of them actually serving people. Of course there were two managers busy looking important and not noticably doing anything else, but especially ignoring me. Then as if by miracle one of them, I guess the big boy between them, showed up with my previous sandwich. Excluding ( I am not lying) the previous bite of course and two measly slices of cheese in beginning stages of curling up as from the heat of a toaster, but definitely not melted, wedged in the sandwich. I was deciding if I should show amusement or dismay, but since no one would notice I just wolfed down the thing, plucking the skin of the sobrasada from my mouth and asked for the bill. When it came it said €3,30. Still not a fortune, but not the price on the expensively printed menus. When I made the waiter aware of this, it was time for big boy to spring into action again. Twice in one hour, no wonder he looked annoyed. And all that for €0,50!!

That's entertainment!

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