Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Restaurante Ayala Japon, C/Ayala, 67

Last month was repeating places and apart from La Daniela what a dissapointment it was. The last time I went to Il Casone, the pizza was bad and when I commented on it the waiter was just idifferent. I was put off anyway, because before I had my pizza I went to the toilet and was greeted by the biggest skidmark I've ever seen. This was at around 8.30, so the restaurant had only been open for about half an hour. So not to be repeated for a while. La Negra Flor are serving salt with some food at the moment, I hope this won't last I like the place and it's doing really well. And then there were a few places that aren't really worth mentioning, or I'll have to go back to try them again. Last Saturday, we were out and decided to try something new. There was this one place that had a big sign in the window that said we could eat a la carte for €20 and it looked kind of OK, but when we asked what this meant, they couldn't tell us. I have never seen two bigger muppets in my life, they were just making it up. So we decdided to let them fantasise some more about what they serve on their own and left.  I remembered this Japanese restaurant, not Inari, that I had been told about and it not being far we went there. There was a queue, which we took as a good sign, and only Japanese staff, which we took as another good sign. They weren't too busy with looking good, but were just hoofing out the food which looked spectacular. We had to wait at least 20 minutes, but I can tell you it was worth the wait. We had a menĂº de degustacion (€24 each) at the bar, a table would have meant a longer wait. We were sitting right in front of the sushi man, who had his hands in rice and fish permanently. It all looked very clean and it was the best I've had in years. The sushi was the main part of the menĂº, but chicken, tempura (deep fried vegetables and king prawns), peking duck and dumplings followed and we were not able to finish our meal. What a success, finally! And just around the corner. Fuck Inari, go to Ayala Japon!