Saturday, January 23, 2010

Carlos Tatiere / Couzapín

On Calle Menorca, not to far from where I live, there are two Sidrerias run by the same people. They have good reason to run two, because they're always packed. Why? Because they know how to do things right, apart from a few narky waiters. The cider is natural cider and they pour it for you the traditional Asturian way which is holding the bottle over their heads and looking at some point in the distance while the drink falls into your glass. It reminds me a bit of taking a mindless piss, including the spatters. Now, I would be an expert at that, but with the bottle it's probably better someone else is holding it. Cider is a nice drink, especially with some traditional country fare. And this is what's provided in an abundance that is almost defeating the purpose of having a full restaurant in the back. The raciones (small portions served with bread) are also very filling and, most importantly, very cheap. There is an original version cinema around the corner and Carlos Tatiere is therefore a perfect pre or after cinema meal. We love it!