Friday, March 27, 2009

Restaurante Inari

I love sushi. And lucky me: there are a few sushi places in my neighborhood. Last night we went to Inari. We were tired but it was my birthday and this called for something more than a lasagna in the microwave and some shit tv. So, Inari. We could have gone to another but we had been there before and the sushi had been O.K. The noodles weren't, so we weren't going to try them again. As luck would have it the Tempura Noriawase (kingprawns and vegetables, deep fried) we tried instead were just as bad as the noodles had been before. The Sushi Special was especially expensive at 33€ for 11 pieces and not especially special. We should have gone to the other place. What a dissapointment, again! The fact that it is accross the street from Balboa Social Club, the worst restaurant in the world , makes this a corner of Madrid I will from now on avoid when I'm hungry.

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