Friday, December 12, 2008

La Negra Flor Restaurante & Good Bar, General Pardiñas 36

It happened!
I had the perfect piece of meat, the best in years!

A new bar restaurant opened in my street . It was an old fashioned bar before so I was expecting the worst, but to my pleasant surprise they were able to redesign the place into something that only slightly reeks of IKEA. There is one problem that they might not have been able to get rid of (yet), the smoke. 5 minutes in the place and you stink to the high heavens.

The bar is well laid out and when you pass through to the back there is a cozy lounge. You go upstairs to get to the restaurant. Comfortable, but a bit too bright to my liking, also for every smudge can be seen on the cutlery and the glasses. Our waiter was very friendly and when asked to explain the menu he explained and suggested the most popular dish since they opened 5 days before, the “Pluma Iberico.” We were hungry and ordered that and a tomato salad. The tomatoes in the tomato salad were rock hard and green, green not always being a bad thing but this time yes. If it hadn’t been for the sun dried tomatoes, the olive oil and the spring onions, this would be one tasteless starter. But then the meat arrived. “Madre mia!!” It was just beautiful, cooked to perfection with a portion of potato quiche on the side. The meat just melted on my tongue. I always thought this was such a weird thing to say about meat, but now I know what is meant. The Tira misu after was OK, but nothing more. But I didn’t care after that Pluma Iberico.

Go there now, before it’s too late!!

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